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Apple Watch

Recently there was a big revelation of the Apple Watch. All we got to know at this revelation was that the line will be called Apple Watch. People were eager to find out something more about this line, but Apple wanted to leave all the details for later. But the days of waiting are finally over. Here, you can read everything there is to know about the Apple watch, such as the features, specifications, release date, price.

The Apple Watch line will be launched on Friday, April 24th. Finally, this amazing product is coming. The bad news is that it will be launched only in a few countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, China, Japan, and Hong Kong). But don’t get disappointed, it was announced that the Apple Watch will become available in other countries too, we just have to wait a little bit longer.

This is an iPhone compatible smartwatch that can easily be connected to your iPhone. This means that you can connect with your iPhone without looking at it and operate with it. All the notifications from the smartphone will directly be delivered to your watch. Does this sound attractive enough to buy it? We all know that Apple’s products always come with big prices. According to the rumors the lowest price of this product will be $399 and the highest $17.000.

The three versions of the new Apple Watch

Honestly you will be impressed by how many things this watch can do for you. And with the price it has, no one expects something different. There will be three models of the Apple watch:

  • Apple Watch Sport – made from Ion – X – Glass and aluminum
  • Apple Watch Collection – made from sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel
  • Apple Watch Edition – made from sapphire and 18 – karat gold

Each of these models can be ordered with a 42mm or 38mm case. It is amazing to have a small iPhone on your wrist. Besides that you will love the design. The Apple Watch comes with beautiful round corners and black screen border. You can find a few buttons including the function button and the Digital Crown. One of the best features includes reading your heart rate with the help of the lenses lit by green LEDs.

They are located on the back side of the watch. It also has extra fitness tracking capabilities. You can easily map all the activities you do during the whole day, and then when you are not moving the Watch will nudge you, only to remind you that you have to continue. Set your calories target and start losing some weight with the help of the Apple Watch. There are lots of other positive applications that can help you change your life. A few common routines can easily make you feel much better. When we take a look at the front of the watch we can say that it looks exactly like a mini iPhone 6.

The Apple Watch is extremely comfortable and it is exactly like any other watch you can wear. But Apple’s designers are taking care of absolutely everything, making sure it looks brilliant. It looks great on men and women as well. If the 38mm is not for you, then you should go with the larger model of the Apple Watch. But you should know that the 38mm models are very, very tiny. So, think about it carefully and choose the model that suits you best.

Apple watch is precision and detail at its finest

High quality is all we expect from a professional manufacturer as Apple. We can all agree that they pay attention to details, because they matter the most. The Apple Watch has gorgeously designed details that will make you feel like million dollars. If you are worried about the protection, then you should know that Apple designed a glass – sapphire crystal and Ion – X glass that protects the watch itself.

Connecting the watch to your iPhone is the easiest thing that requires no additional instructions. It is extremely accurate and navigates menus with a breeze. Another great thing you should know is that the Apple Watch is water resistant. The company mentioned that it is rated to the IPX7 standard and is resistant to water. But you should think about this carefully and know the difference between water resistant and water proof. So, the difference is that you can wear the watch when it is raining or when you wash your hands for example, but taking a bath with it is not recommended. If you want your watch to last longer, avoid contact with water even if it says that it is water resistant.

Wearable tech seems to be more and more popular. We must admit that it was expected from Apple to launch a product like the Apple Watch. With this product you can be aware of almost everything that happens to your phone. The notifications will be delivered to you with a Nudge (Taptic Engine). The taptic engine is a feature that allows you to receive different information through buzzes. For all of you who can’t live without music (who can?!), the Apple Watch will also have a music app that can easily control the music playing on your smartphone.

Apple Watch supports voice control

Is there an access to voice control? Yes, there is. You can use recorded messages to be translated into text. You can choose to send messages by dictating them. Anyway there are lots of other different ways to send or receive a message with the Apple Watch. The Digital Touch application gives us a whole new different experience from the one we are used to.

This is almost everything you should know about the new watch line from Apple at the moment. Some of you will probably think that you don’t need this kind of device, but you do. This is a more personal and needy product that helps us interact with our iPhones much easily.

All the models of the Apple Watch will be available to preorder on April 10th, but the product will start selling from April 24th. So if you need a new watch, think about this product and choose the model you like the most.


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