Apps for iOS Devices you Must Have

If we compare Apple and Android users, there is one thing for sure – Apple users are in a huge advantage when it comes to cool applications. There are hundreds and hundreds of different and useful applications that Android users are not able to download. I am sorry, but that is the reality. So, if you are an Apple user, then you are very lucky. Here are a few apps for iOS devices you must have:

Dark Sky

This is one of the many applications from the Apple Store you must have. We are all searching to find a perfect app that will give us accurate information about the weather forecast. Well, this is the app you have been looking for. The Dark Sky is a powerful iOS app that gives detailed info in just a minute. Besides that you will have the ability to see a 24 – hour forecast and a forecast about the next 7 days. To give you all that information the app must use a radar mapping. But that is not all. You will love this app because of the incredibly beautiful backgrounds it has.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Having the whole packet of Microsoft office on your Apple device? Amazing. Android users can only wish for an app like this. Having Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPhone and iPad is simply wonderful. Although it was announced by Microsoft that the app will only be available to iPad devices, it is now available to the iPhone users as well. I don’t know why, but the Microsoft Office is still not available for Android users. Yes there was some version of it for Android users, but there is nothing official yet coming from Microsoft. So while they still wait, iOS users can enjoy this app.

Camera +

Here is something for all of you who love taking pictures and enjoy having high quality photos. The Camera + is an app that needs to be taken seriously. We are talking about a professional app that can be very beneficial to professional photographers or those who want to become one. We all know that iPhone is the device that has the best camera. When combined with the Camera + app it gives incredible results. It offers so many features that other apps don’t have. The effects are great and the precision can help you take professional photos. The developer of the Camera + is Tap Tap Tap.


Another app coming from the Apple Store that Android users are not able to have it. This application was not developed by a third party developer but by Apple itself. We must admit that they have the ability to make awesome apps. This is one of them. iMovie is an application that gives you the possibility to make your own movie. With the help of this app you can record, modify, edit or share the movies you make. It is one of the most powerful apps in the movie field. The application offers special effects, templates, as well as captions and editor. When it comes to developing applications it is important to know that Apple has its own Software Development Kit (SDK). With an app like this, you don’t have to be a professional to start making small movies and see where this is going. There are other app such as video editors for Android users, but unfortunately they aren’t as powerful as iMovie.

Kitchen Stories

Lots of people love cooking. If cooking is your passion or maybe profession, then you need to download this application from the Apple Store. This is not just some regular boring app for cooking, it is an app that was designated as Apple’s best app of the past year. Kitchen Stories offers so much more than all the similar applications do. It has a whole interesting cookbook for free that has many photos, videos and instructions.


Steller is one of the many apps that Apple offers to its own users. There is no person that would not love to have this app. It is interesting, fun and easy to use. First of all, you must be good at story telling. How does it work? The application can create you a perfect story, using text, photos and video. The creator of the story is you. You are the one who decides which photos should be placed and you are the one that writes the text, or records the video. This app is perfect for people who love traveling. It can be used to create fresh stories from different places you visit. It is a good way to create memories and have something to remember all the good times you had. Besides that, all the stories you create can be shared on social media (Facebook and Twitter).


Finally, here is something for all the game lovers out there. Almost every game that is available for Android users is also available for Apple users. But this is now something different. We are talking about a game with an amazing graphic quality you will absolutely enjoy. Oceanhorn is an adventurous game that is very similar to all the adventure game we used to play a long time ago with one huge difference in the graphic quality. This specification really makes the difference and makes you want to play and play the game. Yes it is an adventurous game, but be careful because it may turn into an addicting one.


Clear is another app that Apple users must have. It is very useful and it will help you plan your time. It is a to – do list application that allows you to create, organize and edit different events and add a reminder to them. The reminder will notify you about the events that you marked as important. With an app like this you can create as much as lists as you want to and put reminders on them. Don’t forget to complete your tasks, Clear is here to remind you. The Clear application is available only for Apple devices.


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