Buying an iPad in the year 2018: choose the iPad Pro, iPad or iPad 9.7 Mini 4?

IPad devices first introduced the year 2010 by Steve Jobs, three years after the first generation iPhone devices present.

Apple is selling the iPad tablet computer like that can help do a lot of computing activities quickly and easily anywhere. Starting from reading digital books, reply to the email, surf in the virtual world and of course playing games.

Now in the year 2018, Apple only sells three types of iPad in page, i.e., the iPad Pro, iPad 9.7-inch iPad Mini and 4. Which one is suitable for you to buy in the year 2018?

Team MakeMac got some notes that you must see and important considerations before purchasing the iPad. Yuk refer directly!

1. the iPad Pro, the most expensive and Full of features!

Need a gadget the size of a large (10.5-inch screen diagonal and 12.9 inches) and has had a complete feature? The fastest answer to the above question is the iPad Pro!

Apple gave labels the iPad Pro as a flagship iPad device aliases with the price of the most expensive and the complete features. A full definition of what I mean is it supports Apple Pencil, Smart Connector to connect a keyboard, a screen with sharpness and contrast are beautiful as well as speakers with four sides slope detection device.

The rear camera on iPad Pro has also been provided with Flash and reliable sensors. I.e., 12MP with f/1.8 aperture, Quad-LED True Tone flash as well as Hybrid filter IR 10.5 inch Pro on the iPad and iPad Pro 12.9 inches a second generation.

Specifically for the iPad Pro 10.5 inches, Apple provides display technology ProMotion at speed 120. This feature is provided to ensure the screen is more responsive when you use Apple Pencil.

2. iPad 9.7 inches, suitable for novice users

The iPad’s 9.7-inch device or often referred to as the 5th Generation of the iPad could be called as a successor to the iPad device. Some things that are very similar or even identical exists at the size and also the camera used. While on the side of the iPad’s 9.7-inch color, available in a choice of colors of Silver, Gold and Gray Space.

Using a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, iPad’s 9.7-inch device is suitable for use by all ages and the novice users. It’s a device that does not have support for accessories Apple Pencil, Smart Connector and speakers four sides very fancy.

Just because the price is reasonable given also fall under the iPad Pro. I.e. $329 (32 GB) and $429 (128 GB) to 9.7-inch iPad Wi-Fi Only. As for the iPad is 9.7 inches with a Wi-Fi connection + LTE you can buy price ranging from $459 (32 GB) and $559 (128 GB).

3. iPad Mini 4, very concise!

Use the word Mini, meaning the screen that is used far less than another iPad that I mentioned above. That is the screen diagonal size 7.9 inches but still in a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

From all the above iPad, iPad Mini 4 CPU in arguably the eldest – Apple A8. But the team’s flagship device MakeMac to make these games can still review running smoothly and normal in iOS 11. Even all the features Multitasking used Apple’s iOS 11 can also run well.

The most unfortunate part for iPad Mini 4 in the year 2018 is the choice of storage capacity that is now available only in size of 128 GB. While the price is there in the number $399 (Wi-Fi) or $529 (Wi-Fi + LTE).

Select the iPad which one?

If you need an Apple iPad device and the Pencil which is very powerful to work on a variety of things, certainly the iPad Pro is the most appropriate choice.

However, if you need the iPad device with standard size and low price, iPad is 9.7 inches is the only answer if you want to buy an iPad in the new conditions. Last is the iPad Mini 4 matching carried everywhere due to the concise and still was able to do a variety of things surrounding the use of lightweight computing applications, and also play games.

So the iPad, what are you going to buy soon? Share in the comments!

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