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Firefox for iOS Beta

We have been waiting for so long for the new Firefox for iOS, but it seems that the waiting is now over. Apparently, Mozilla decided to run a limited Beta test of the new app for iOS users. Anyone can try it, simply by using the source code.

What is the purpose of this beta version of Firefox for iOS?

The company wants for the users to experience the new browser and see how it works. But no worries, after this testing, there will be an official release of the Firefox for iOS app. The experience will be unforgettable. It is true that Apple users have waited for too long, but now they can enjoy surfing with the help of the most popular browser in the world.

Everyone is now curious to find out more information about it, but why don’t you install the beta version and try it? That is the only thing you can do before the official version is being launched. There are now lots of rumours and speculations about the official Firefox iPad release date, but we can only guess. What is true is that Mozilla sends surveys to the testers asking about the version of their iOS. However, you should know that there is a requirement if you want to use this app. Your device must work with an iOS 8.

“This will be a beta test, meaning that the app might have some bugs and break at times – which is why we need your testing and feedback to make it better,” says Mozilla.

According to some other rumours there will only be a few selected users to run the test. If you want to become part of them, fill out that survey and wait for Mozilla to make a contact with you. Those of you who will be chosen will become beta testers and will receive a code to activate the app and start using it. So, if you are not on that list of lucky people, you will have to wait for the official release of the Firefox for iOS app. Yes, there are other browsers for iOS users, but none of them can be compared with the Firefox browser. If you have been wondering if there will be some special features available for the users, I will give you an answer – No. The Firefox for iOS will be exactly the same Android version if the app. Nothing new and unseen. Apple users deserve to have that amazing browsing experience with the Firefox. It is great that Apple and Mozilla have finally came to an agreement for the sake of the users of course. It is not a secret that both of the companies were having some problems all these years.

There aren’t any official information about Apple’s requirements from Mozilla. The most important thing is that the Mozilla Firefox will be almost the same as the Firefox we all know. And don’t worry, the bookmark syncing option will be available too in case you want to connect your browser to other Apple devices.

Apple’s biggest mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that Apple made is not allowing its users to make a change by choosing which browser to use. Unfortunately this option is not available for Apple users. You cannot change the default web browser. But there are some rumours that Apple will fix their mistake and unlock that option for the users. Some of you don’t understand the reason of this limited access, while others are fine with it and they believe that Apple has their own reasons.

They finally understood that every company must be exactly where the users are and do everything that it takes to satisfy their needs.

Here is exactly what has been said from Mozilla: “We want to bring Firefox to every language, platform and device possible. Although we can’t bring the full Firefox experience and rendering engine to iOS due to the restrictions, we saw an opportunity with the latest improvements and tools in iOS 8 to begin development of a Firefox experience for iOS”. Hooray! It seems that very soon you won’t have to torture yourself using other browser.

Source Code

The source code will become available to the users who will be chosen to download and install the beta version of the app. Until the official version of the Firefox for iOS browser is being launched, you can enjoy the limited Beta version. What we don’t know, is the method they use to choose the beta testers. That will remain their secret. The beta testers will probably be announced publicly to avoid confusions. Anyway, you should know that the Beta version of the Firefox app will not be posted on the Apple store, just like any other beta app. But still, this is one of the greatest news for iOS users nowadays. They are all excited and eager to find out what is like to surf and browse with the help of the most decent browser.

So, how excited are you about the new Firefox app for iOS?      

Of course you are happy and excited about this. The feeling will be even better if you receive a source code of Firefox for iOS and become one of the many testers to use the Beta version of the Firefox for iOS app. Who knows for how many days we will have to wait, but let’s hope that it won’t be for too long? Because we are tired of waiting for all these years. What will be the greatest benefit of having the Firefox app for iOS? Well, you will have an incredible experience with this app, especially with the Firefox Sync option. It is one of the greatest features that allows you to sync everything between multiple devices. Even if that is the only feature that Firefox for iOS will have, it is good enough to stand out from the competition and become number one browser for Apple users. But it will be also great if they deliver other features and make this journey unforgettable.

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