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Firefox for iOS

It has been a long time since Mozilla announced that they are working on a huge project about launching a Firefox browser for iOS users. We have all been eagerly waiting on Firefox for iOS ever since. But it’s taking them very long. Users are starting to ask questions about this issue, which is completely normal. They are not getting some relevant answers from Mozilla. 2015 should be a year of new experiences with a great browser. Will it be? Let’s find out.

The company finally decided to do something for its iOS users. They released a limited browser in the App Store a few days ago. But it is available only for the users from New Zealand. That is not cool at all. When they saw users complaining about that, they said that there will be a limited version of the browser for the users in other countries too. But let’s look on the bright side here. Think about it as a signal that the official browser will be available very soon. They finally did something to make the users happy and something to look forward too.

When they launched the limited Firefox for iOS browser they posted a text on their official blog. Here is what they said:

‘’Our goal is to create a great browsing experience for iOS with Firefox. With this first public preview we will be collecting feedback in one country, before we extend availability to get feedback in a few more countries prior to a full public launch.’’

I will share something you’ll love. Do you know that even if you are not from New Zealand you can still download the limited version? Yup, you read that right. Let me tell you how and give you a detailed explanation.

How to download the limited version of Firefox for iOS

The very first thing you need to do is open your App Store of course. Then find your Apple ID on the bottom of the page and choose the Sign Outoption. Once you are done with that, open your App Store again. Choose some random free application to download and you will be asked to log in to your account. But don’t do that. Forget about your current account. What you need to do is create a new Apple ID.

That is the secret. When you start to fill the information in, choose New Zealand from the list of countries. When you are done with that, accept Apple’s Terms and Conditions. After that you will automatically be able to create your new profile based in New Zealand. Just make sure you enter all the important information such as name, email address, birthday…

I know that for some of you this still seems like an impossible mission, but keep reading. When you are done entering your personal information just click the button to continue with the process. This is the moment when you will be asked to enter a New Zealand address with a postal code. So, what you need to do is search on the internet and you will find plenty of addresses and postal codes available. Choose one and enter it to complete the process.

There is only one thing left to do in order to start using your new Apple ID. Access the email you entered and activate the account. And now you will have a New Zealand based Apple ID, which means that you can immediately download the limited Firefox browser for iOS. Are you now excited to test and try the new Firefox on your iOS device?

Rumors and Reasons on Firefox for iOS

According to some rumors the reason why we still don’t have an iOS Mozilla Firefox is because they still have misunderstandings about the engine. Apple were very serious about their restrictions, so let’s just hope that they got an agreement.

According to some rumors the reason why we still don’t have an iOS Mozilla Firefox is because they still have misunderstandings about the engine. Apple were very serious about their restrictions, so let’s just hope that they got an agreement.

The Mozilla Company launched this limited Firefox browser app only to test users and find out what they like and expect. Apparently they choose New Zealand randomly and they will do the same thing with other countries too. They will collect the much needed feedback and create the perfect app for the official release.

There are so many incredible features to talk about, such as the intelligent search feature which gives perfect search results. Another one is the synchronizing feature which enables you to sync all your iOS devices that use the Firefox browser and save browsing history including all the important things. Visual Tabs is another amazing feature you will love. It enables you to keep track of all your opened tabs in a fun way.

When talking about other browsers it is important to mention that Google were way too faster than Mozilla at their launch, so this lead to a not so pleasant situation for Mozilla. A short period after it was launched, Google Chrome became the most used browser on iOS devices. This brought Mozilla down and was a reason to finally go on the side of their users.

They made a mistake and it took them very long, but they are getting to it. If they did this seven years ago they would have made Mozilla Firefox for iOS the most popular and the most used browser. Mozilla made a mistake when they saw the Apple Company as a competition and not as a partner. Both of the companies did the same thing, which made users suffer.

It is not fair to put all the blame on Firefox. It is not all their fault. They wanted to develop a decent browser for iOS users, but the problem was in Apple’s restrictions. So instead of discussing both parties refused to work together.

All of the browsers are good in their own right, but when talking about the new Firefox for iOS I think it will be a magnificent and extremely useful thing to come!


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