Firefox for iPad – Introducing New Firefox Browser for iPad

Download and enjoy Firefox on your iPadGet Firefox for iPad  by Mozilla for iOS. If you own an iPad or iPad Air and also love Mozilla, then you will be happy to know that now there is a version of Firefox for iPad now being developed. Millions of users now enjoyed the benefits of Mozilla Firefox iPad on their computers or laptops, and have wished for it as browsers for iPad. All you have to do is do a Firefox download to get the new Firefox for iPad from the Apple store. If you love the Firefox browser for your laptop and desktop needs, then you will be thrilled to know that it is now approved for the Apple iPad and iPhone and is free at the iTunes apps store. Mozilla’s Firefox is a web browser that has been downloaded by millions of users and is very popular for usage all over the world. Now that it is available as an app for iPad, Firefox for iPad is sure to also be a huge hit, especially since it is free for use! The original Mozilla Firefox first came out in 2004, and now as of 2014, there is a version of Firefox for iPad that users can get in order to have a browser with flash for iPad2. Lots of people have iPads and iPad2s or the new iPad Air and need a decent browser that can also be synchronized with their other devices like their laptop or desktop, and the new version of Firefox for iPad can do this very well and solve their problems.

Benefits of the New Firefox for iPad Browser

One of the best benefits of the Firefox for iPad 2 free download is that it will give you a faster connection to the Internet when you use your iPad to check email, download songs from iTunes, or chat on Facebook  or Twitter. This makes the Mozilla Firefox for iPad download a great benefit because it is exactly the same as the version that you can use on a laptop or desktop, just optimized to work on a mobile device.  It can still do the same things and access the very same websites that you can get to or use with the laptop version of Firefox. With the Firefox for iPad you can easily play games, music, or other Internet centric events and it has many different features. These include Java, a flash app for iPad and opera for iPad, along with the other things that the regular version of Firefox can do. Firefox for iPad allows much faster web surfing, which means getting on your favorite YouTube movie quicker or being able to browse sales pages, or post a note on Twitter, etc, much quicker than ever before.

Firefox for iPad gives you faster Internet access

Install Firefox  for iPad to your iPad tabletAfter you install the Firefox for iPad you will also get access to any future updates. It solves the problem many iPad users had since the old iPad browser didn’t have flash for iPad, and this makes Firefox for iPad a superior browser. Plus, the Firefox for iPad lets you be able to download tool bars from Yahoo or Google and get some of the popular add-ons like Xmarks and Adlblock Plus. Firefox for iPad also features private Internet browsing option, an Adobe Reader plug in so you can read PDF files, and it all has been approved by Apple! It is available for download in the Apple iTunes apps store free for both iPad and the iPhone. Just logon to the iTunes apps store for Apple devices and find the program and then download and install it per the included directions. It’s an easy and quick process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time! Sync up all your other Firefox settings with Firefox for iPad – The file is called FireFox Home app. It lets users not only download it, but they can then sync up any bookmarks, tabs or history from their other Firefox browser gadgets. This makes the Firefox for iPad browser even more special to all iPad and iPhone users! In order to do this function, however, you will also need to download the Sync add on for the Firefox for iPad app. Once you have downloaded Firefox for iPad and then the Sync add on for it, then you will be able to upload your settings to the cloud and then access it for your iPad and iPhone devices. When you activate it then it will go to the cloud and get the information via your Safari browser settings. This saves time since you won’t have to reenter what could be dozens of your favorite websites.

Firefox for iPad browser is launching now at the iTunes apps store

It’s not going to be hard to find and download the new Firefox for iPad browser for your iPad devices or iPhone devices. It can easily be found and downloaded at the Apple iTunes apps store. This brand new approved browser is expected to become one of the top downloads over the next few weeks since the original Mozilla FireFox downloads for laptops and desktops set a record when it came out in most of its latest versions ever since its debut in 2004. It has undergone testing and been shown to allow the iPad and iPhone to access the Internet and various websites quicker and more efficiently than the older Safari browser, so Firefox for iPad is a great benefit to iPad users. Firefox for iPad is actually the very first app that Mozilla has uploaded to the iTunes app store. So, if you want a more efficient and more powerful tool for your iPad or iPhone, then you should download the FireFox for iPad app. The bottom line is that these days the name of the game is speed and the faster you can get online and access the apps and websites that you use in your daily lives, the better off you are, and the new Firefox for iPad is an app that can accomplish that goal for iPad and iPhone users.

Author: Peter Kent

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  1. […] so many years, users expected a new Firefox for iPad browser from Mozilla, but they showed no interest in developing one. But we don’t put the blame […]

  2. […] Apple’s iPads are some of the greatest devices nowadays. You can do absolutely everything on them and have a great experience. The only thing missing was a stable browser like Firefox for iPad. Customers waited for a long time for this to happen, because no browser was good enough. But finally, iPads will be perfect now with the new Mozilla Firefox iPad browser app. […]

  3. George says:

    No news yet as to when is the final announcement, but I am holding on to the last press release of Mozilla that Firefox for iOS will be available before the end of 2015. Sounds like we’ll be having an early Christmas present from Mozilla.

  4. Jeremy says:

    This is one good move by Mozilla. It is better that they are incorporating it now because they can still catch up with current and available browsers in iOS smartphones like iPad, iPod, iPhone. If they can add more values to Firefox once it is available in iPad, there’s a big chance more and more users will switch to Firefox for iPad.

  5. Nadine says:

    I can’t wait for Mozilla to make its announcement about the new Firefox browser for iPad. I agree that Firefox’ popularity have started to drop in the previous months so their decision to develop a browser available for iPad and other iOS device is a strategic move to broaden their range of users and followers.

  6. Francine says:

    I do believe that apart from the basic features that we enjoy in desktop versions as well as in other smart phones, Mozilla corporations will be adding innovative services once they made sure Firefox for iPad is already up and running in iPad and other iOS-based devices.

  7. Jessie says:

    Mozilla is also making its way to developing their own Firefox OS. But as far as I know, its still a plan and has not commenced yet. It would be best if Mozilla will focus more on enhancing their services of Firefox for iPad because as of this moment, this means more to the users.

  8. […] year ago it was announced that Firefox will be available for iPad users and it can be set as a default browser. This made lots of people excited and it was a reason […]

  9. Juliet says:

    I am sad to know that Firefox for iPad will not have as much features as we have in the desktop version. But I am still hopeful that if this is not fixed in the first release of the app, probably it can be fix when they upgrade to a newer release.

  10. Tiffany says:

    I am so happy Firefox was able to keep its desktop features available for iPad. A lot of times, app developers tend to cut features off when they create it for mobile versions. They only keep features that are essential. Sometimes the app interface also looked a little different that the PC version and Firefox for iPad surely is.

  11. Wilson says:

    Firefox Sync does a 2-way synchronization among devices where you have it. Also, this has been going on for years. Anyone who has heard of Weave Sync.. that is the precursor of Firefox Sync. So I am pretty sure it has undergone a lot of stress tests and enhancements. I am happy they’re able to put it to good use via Firefox for iPad.

  12. Kim says:

    When using Firefox for iPad, Firefox Home does the transfer of your bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs etc from desktop to your Apple device. I thought this is the same as Firefor Sync but it is different. Firefox Home is an “application” that enables the sync from desktop to your iPhone/iPad.

  13. Gian says:

    Good thing there is a tool that will allow the Sync of Firefox in iPad. I thought it was just like other app where the Sync happens automatically in the back-end and there is no way to stop it. At least this one has the option to sync whenever you want, like you have control over the Sync process.

  14. Marcus says:

    We all know that Mozilla Firefox is a really excellent browser for its fast internet browsing and downloading speed. But you will be very happy to know that, it gives us a new version for iPad. If you require fast and excellent downloading and uploading speed on your iPad or iPhone, read this article carefully to know its benefits and use it on your iPad. I’ve enjoyed it, you may as well.

  15. Ewen says:

    I think that it’s a fact that Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and best browsers on the market. I definitely recommend downloading it to your iPhone or Firefox for iPad because it will make browsing easier. Believe me because I have it and I like it.

  16. Mike says:

    I’ve known and been using Firefox for many years and I have it on my Android phone and tablet and I really enjoy using it. I haven’t had an Apple device and cannot say much about Firefox for iPad but I am happy that it is coming to Apple devices.

  17. Dave says:

    Firefox is a must-have iPad browser. One its benefits are its fast speed and the fact that it is free. I know that there are many browser which are free but this one is way better than most of the browsers available for Apple or Android users.

  18. […] Lucky for everyone Mozilla decided to develop a browser which will be compatible to Apple users. There were lots of rumors related to the new product from Mozilla. It was said that even Mozilla’s workers required a browser that would specially be designed for Apple’s devices. But no more rumors, everything is official and final. People felt relieved when they heard that Mozilla was planning to launch and iPhone/ iPad version of Firefox. […]

  19. Emmett says:

    I think that Firefox for iPad is a good thing. Browsing is probably the most popular thing when apeaking about tablets, and having a nice and fast browser is really important. I think that Firefox deserves to be on many people’s computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  20. […] (Android and iPhones). Besides from Chrome, users can now access the application through Safari and Firefox browsers, which is pretty great for everyone. Google Inbox is a new application which offers amazing […]

  21. […] across different devices. Following this trend, people have also been clamoring to have that Firefox for iPad experience on their […]

  22. carmen says:

    Could not locate a download for Firefox for ipad air2 anywhere in USA. is there one and what is the website?

  23. Jaq says:

    I have the Firefox for iPad browser on my iPhone 6, and I have to admit that it is one of the best choices of a browser for an iPhone or an iPad. It is fast, easy to use, and I like its design which is not too overfilled. There are more browsers which are good, and Firefox iPad is one of them.

  24. Rob says:

    Hey, that’s a really interesting article about the Firefox for iPad. I have just found your website and I can say that you write about really interesting things.!
    What I can say about Firefox iPad is that it is one of the fastest browsers that I know of. I really like using it.

  25. […] now it seems that the policy of Mozilla is about to change and we might soon be able to see a Firefox for iPad browser developed specifically for iPhone and iPad. This was hinted by […]

  26. […] opened up new doors of amazing browsing capabilities for the fans of iPad. It is expected that the Firefox website surfing software will turn out to be highly successful among the home as well as office […]

  27. Asher says:

    My favorite browser is Firefox, and of the best things about it is that I can synchronize my bookmarks between my laptop and my tablet with Firefox for iPad. This way, I can have all the links I need anywhere! And I also like its fast speed which makes browsing more pleasurable.

  28. […] that there are various iPad Safari alternatives which are free for download, such as Google Chrome, Firefox for iPad, Internet Explorer etc. customized specifically for iPad. Although any alternate HTML browser might […]

  29. Don says:

    I was happy to find “The Fox” for my IPad. Paid 5e for it in the Istore to find it’s running version 22. Dreadfully slow with lagging ext. ext. tried updating but can’t get the downloaded file to execute. :-(
    Found the feathers I was missing in other browsers, but not much use, as this version isn’t up to it.

  30. Andrew says:

    What I agree most about Firefox for iPad is that it is really fast. And that is the main reason I like and am using it. It gives me so much opportunity to get almost everything faster. It is a really excellent browser!

    • Carter says:

      I really aggre that the best thing Firefox for iPad is its fast speed. It is really a nice thing when looking for a browser and most of them have such awkward interfaces and are really slow. I have been using Firefox on my computer for a few years and I am really happy about that.

  31. Gerry says:

    Thanks to the author of the article, we can get the latest and useful information on the developments of Mozilla Firefox. I think that Firefox and iPad are complementary and that is really nice.

  32. mohamed says:

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  33. mohamed says:

    good browser

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  35. Sam says:

    All I can say about Firefox is that this browser is the best! I have tried a few browsers with my laptop, but none of them met my expectations. I also have Firefox on my iPad and I have no reproaches! It’s fast, nice and easy to use!

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  45. dennis says:

    It is nowhere to be found for download to my iPad. If you click on links it takes you to the App Store but says this application is not available. After searching all over for Firefox for iPad and clicking on various links it is nowhere to be found. Are the sorry clowns at Apple blocking this app?

    If anyone knows of a link to this email me at [email protected]. Sick of this crappy Safari thing.

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  47. Anne says:

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