Here’s how to turn off iPhone and iPad Without Power button

how to turn off iPhone

The presence of iOS 11 seem not fully to meet the expectations of the user will be the latest Apple operating systems. Various problems had emerged, such as the battery more wasteful and often lag.

However, there are some changes to the look than iOS 10. For example, a control center that is more user-oriented and a customizable, as well as changes to the look of the App Store. Well, apparently the iOS 11 has a hidden feature.

Offered by BGR, Wednesday (11/10/2017), iOS 11 allows the user to turn off the iPhone and iPad without the power button. This allows you in times of emergency, for example when the power button is broken or troubled.

How, go to Settings-General >, then scroll to the very bottom of the screen. You will find options to Shut Down. Easy isn’t it?

As information, the adoption of iOS 11 not so satisfactory in the initial launch. The rate of adoption of these operating systems only reached 38.5 percent in the first two weeks of its release.

This figure is smaller than the adoption of iOS 10 to reach 48.16 percent in the first two weeks of its release.

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