Junior Firefox for iPad developed by Mozilla as the Firefox for iPad version

Firefox for iPad is in the making and was named Firefox Junior

Apple iPad enthusiasts and would-be iPad users have more reason to rejoice for choosing this electronic wonder device after Mozilla announced it is developing a new browser for iPad – the Junior Firefox for iPad app. Mozilla tech-minds are promising this browser to create a better type work and entertainment environment for its users mostly complaining about not so excellent interface for web search with their iPads.

The developers of the Junior Firefox for iPad held a presentation earlier this month where it was said what is so great about Junior Firefox for iPad in comparison with other mobile browsers will be its click friendly full screen browser feature which means there is no toolbar or search bar. This application can be navigated using two buttons placed on both lower sides of the screen and just located near a person’s thumb. Pressing these transparent buttons enables the user to open a new page or go back to the previous page.

The button with a plus sign on it, at the right side of the screen is specifically used to search for a new page and also stores the thumbnails of recently visited or favorite sites. The left side button, on the other hand, creates a new page which looks the same with the Junior Firefox home page. It also has thumbnails for user accounts as well as the main Firefox logo.
Mozilla’s product design and strategy team also said the decision to remove the tabs as a feature for the Junior Firefox for iPad is a way of creating a unique tablet browsing experience. Of course, the current default Mozilla Firefox browsers  for desktop computer and laptops that come out of the box have the tabs on the upper portion of the screen. The team added ridding the page of the tabs saves up so much space allowing more room for the sites that the user wants to look at.

Firefox Junior is the fun version of browsing on your iPad tablet

The team was quoted at the presentation that Junior Firefox for iPad app will definitely “make browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser used experience from the ground up.” The team of developers said it’s more than just another browsing experience it’s the Junior Firefox for iPad ultimate browsing, that can totally be disassociated with desktop computer and or even other mobile platforms.

Junior Firefox for iPad is simply easy to use, with only two buttons to click or tap with and voila, browsing is never going to be the same again. The browser deletes the problem of filling up the iPad screen with multiple tabs and search bars which makes it a lot of hassle for a small screen.

The information about iPad launch timelines for the Junior Firefox for iPad Mozilla is developing for Apple iPad has not been officially announced but iPad developers are surely excited with this innovation and the planned release. The Apple Safari browser now has a competition which, when time comes would be tested whether it’s iPad suitable or not.

Other than Mozilla, Google will soon create a similar mobile operating system (iOs) version of Chrome which could be a potential competitor to Junior Firefox for iPad in the future.

iPad vs laptop? Why?

Now with the iPad developments streaking at every minute, there is no mistake that Apple’s mobile device is the most convenient and best to use for anyone among all the options. It’s an easy three-step use: open, click and browse Firefox for iPad! That’s the wonderful truth about iPad, that’s why it’s time to switch to an iPad. This is not to mention it is light-weight, durable and easy to maintain.

iPad development & iPad features

Firefox for iPad - Firefox Junior imageUsing iPad is so easy, fun and very reliable. It has all the features you need for a mobile device at such a reasonable price. It is not comparable to anything, even the best laptop you’ve ever had before cant cope with its functionality. An all-in one gadget for young and old alike with an easy learning curve, iPad has a crystal clear screen resolution, built-in camera, wireless connection, data storage capacity to choose from, long battery life and thousands of applications to choose from. The majority of iPad developers is committed in improving its features and services; it can blow your mind.  iPad use has become so popular, other companies are also looking into improving its browser apps including the latest being done by Mozilla with title Firefox for iPad. The company recently announced that Junior Firefox for iPad is a magazine-type of feel that they are developing.

Crystal clear resolution

Whether you are opening up your mails, checking facebook, playing a game, editing photos, or even reading a book or browsing with Firefox for iPad app, iPad’s screen resolution is sharper and clearer. The latest iPad has a retina display, four times more than iPad 2! All that you see in iPad is large and lifelike. The iPad screen resolution on the latest model is a 2048-by-1536 resolution, 44 percent greater colour saturation and an astounding 3.1 million pixels fitted in a 9.7-inch space that makes it also perfect for game playing, internet  surfing and even blogging. What makes this possible? It’s the A5X chip powerful engine with quad-core graphics that provides smoothness and fluidity.

Built-in Camera

It’s not just a camera attached to a mobile device. iPad’s camera is the 5-megapixel iSight camera that takes photos and 1080p HD videos on the spot! The iSight camera also has backside illumination sensor makes photography such an ease in daytime or night time. The camera app even has an automatic face detection feature which balances both focus and exposure. The HD video recorder of course captures moments at an instant. The iSight camera has advanced optics at ƒ/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens usually found in expensive SLR cameras.

Wireless connection

Any mobile device should automatically connect to the internet and browse it with Firefox for iPad. With iPad it’s not just the connection, it’s the link to the fastest data network worldwide. The iPad internet access speed could reach up to 4G LTE!  Wherever you are, you can browse the web, download videos and enjoy movies at lightning speeds, but do check your iPad data plans to not get overcharged. Plus it hooks you up on on GSM/UMTS worldwide network technologies such as HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. iPad also has options to connect  you to five other devices  (MacBook Air, an iPod touch or another iPad)  using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

Data storage capacity

iPad storage is huge and stretchable. You have many options to choose from:  16GB,  32 GB, and the 64 GB.  You would have no problems in storing thousands of photos, videos, movies and other applications or download content with Firefox for iPad.

Long battery life

Even with improved features and capacities, iPad’s battery life is still 10 hours. You can browse with Firefox for iPad, read, take pictures and videos, play music, draw, blog and do just anything you want with your iPad as it has been designed that way and allows you to select what you would like it to do for you. Imagine it’s 10 hours a day!

Thousands of applications

There’s no stopping iPad from topping the line of technological advancement. As of the latest count, it supports more than 200,000 applications. Safari, Mail, Messages, Photos, Face time, News stand, App Store, iTunes, Videos, Maps, Music Player, Voice Calling, Game Center, Photo Booth, You Tube , Contacts, Reminders, Kids Games, Calendar, Notes, Camera are only a few apps available on the list…name it iPad supports it.

Other features


You also get iCloud. This application stores data in your iPad and ensures these data can also be found in your Mac, iPhone and iPod touch.


You can also connect iPad to your speakers or to an HDTV to experience a bigger environment for movies, videos, photos, games , images and music.

Operating system

All the features of iPad are made possible by an excellent iOS. That’s why multi-touch happens and many applications can be used for your iPad.

iPad Insurance

What’s another great thing about Firefox for iPad It’s the iPad security and insurance. iPad has a great technical support that offers help and information to every buyer. After purchasing an iPad you have a one year hardware repair coverage and 90 days of telephone technical support.  The repair coverage and technical support can also be extended up to two years for extra iPad care. So the best iPad browser  surely will be the Firefox for iPad.  Find out more about the new Firefox for iPad Junior mobile app development cost

Author: Peter Kent


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  1. Nat says:

    Why can’t I find any Firefox for iPad server downloads for my iPhone and no app in the App Store?
    Why is it so difficult to have this in my mobile phone?

  2. Dylan says:

    I am sure that everyone who has a computer knows what Firefox is and many people have used them or are using it now. It’s as important to have a version for tablets and smartphones as it is important for PCs. Firefox is one of the best browsers I think, and many would probably agree with me.

  3. Maged says:


  4. Phil says:

    I see loads about it and people have it but it’s not on the AppStore ? Where do I find Firefox for iPad ?

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  6. Adam says:

    I have Firefox on my laptop and I can say that it’s the best browser for me. My Android phone does not support it so I cannot use it, but I have Firefox on my tablet and I am writing this comment right now, using this browser. Actually, I find it a bit disappointing because I din’t like everything about it such as tabs.

  7. David O. says:

    I like the Mozilla Firefox browser because of numerous features it gives me. I use Google Drive service because I like to have all the necessary files I need in any place. iCloud should be a nice service but I wouldn’t change Drive into this one. However, I think that many people should like this iCloud.

  8. Luca says:

    I haven’t seen Firefox Junior but I have seen the original Firefox iPad and I have it on my tablet. Well, it could be better, you know, there is always a way to perfection, but it still is one of the most powerful and popular browsers in the world and it is true cause it’s the best.

  9. iPad Lover says:

    Hello! I have an iPad and I have Junior Firefox. I have also used Moxilla Firefox for iPad but I like the former better. It’s a nice browser which has some features that makes it exceptional. I have also used Google Chrome and I can say that Firefox iPad is way better than this.

  10. Frank says:

    How do I DL Firefox for iPad

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  13. Brian says:

    Everything about Junior Firefox for iPad sounds really great. iCloud, AirPlay, camera, long battery life, big resolution, and so on. It is really worth a try. I have never used Firefox but I am going to do it soon. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

  14. Abdelwahed says:

    Thank you for every one

  15. gsm71 says:

    Firefox works well even though it sometimes use much memory

    • Roberta says:

      I have a iPad 5.1.1 and I was wanting to know where I can get a browser for it I didn’t know when I purchase this that I would have a hard time finding anything for it please if you can direct me into a place I can get all of the downloads and things for it it would b much appreciated .thanks

  16. gsm71 says:

    Firefox is a good web browser

  17. Neil says:

    Firefox is always improving and developing. I am a fan of Firefox and I a glad they are working of new ways to make browsing the internet easier. We can indeed see from this article that there are many features that Firefox for iPad can offer us.

  18. That 1guy says:

    Had anybody found where to download fire fox for the ipad?

  19. Renamon says:

    Where do we get Firefox iPad?

  20. Jane Tome says:

    Junior Firefox browser for iPad is really an excellent app. It works great and I really feel comfortable while browsing internet through this browser. It works very fast even while downloading different items.

  21. John Digby says:

    Same here; I have clicked every ‘Firefox iPad Junior’ link in this confusing ad, but no download is forthcoming. If you really want people to try the bloody thing, why can`t we download Firefox iPad?!

  22. Arjun says:

    Where to download Firefox for iPad.Thank you!

  23. Al says:

    The above state they have firefox for ipad, I would like to know where they got it

  24. shibadude says:

    I have found no instance of Firefox iPad application anywhere in the App Store or on the internet for download.

  25. Eco says:

    I love this

  26. Shekh Shawon says:

    Junior Firefox for iPad is best browser for iPad. And it is great browser for iPad. The developer of the junior Firefox held a presentation for iPad users in this month. And I think it is best. Because of I read this article. If you feel confuse to use for iPad. Then you use only trail version. Then discuss about this. Because of it is not disappointed you.

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