Mozilla Firefox for iPad All There is to Know

Having Mozilla’s Firefox on your iPad means that you will be able to browse the web faster, easier and be more secure of course. We can all agree that iPads are great devices even though they do not support certain applications and programs like Firefox for iPad. Lots of people decide not to use them because of that reason. In General Apple’s tablets are pretty cool. You will definitely enjoy their features, but you will always feel like there is something missing. And why is that so? You will not have the option to change the default web browser. But the worst part is that you can’t use other browser engines. This makes them different from the Android tablets and annoys users. People don’t want to be limited, they want to be able to choose and find what’s best for them.

A year ago it was announced that Firefox will be available for iPad users and it can be set as a default browser. This made lots of people excited and it was a reason that made them buy an iPad device. They finally understood that they always must be on the side of their customers. Customers must have exactly what they want. Although they are still working on the project Mozilla announced a Beta version of the browser.

Mozilla’s goal is allow all tablet and smartphone users to browse in a better way with Firefox for iPad.

Here is what they said:

“We want to bring Firefox to every language, platform and device possible. Although we can’t bring the full Firefox experience and rendering engine to iOS due to the restrictions, we saw an opportunity with the latest improvements and tools in iOS 8 to begin development of a Firefox experience for iOS”

It will be a complicated project to work on, since both companies (Apple and Mozilla) had major problems in the beginning.  But, they decided to come to an agreement. They are now working and adjusting the new browser so that it will run smoothly on iOS. If you didn’t know, the Beta version of the Mozilla for iPad will be limited. The real fun will begin when the new browser will be launched. No one can wait this longer, but at least there is the Beta version that will allow users to see what the Mozilla Firefox for iPad will look like. It can take a while until the Mozilla Firefox app for iPad is being released, but when it’s ready, the experience will be impeccable.

Why are they launching a Beta version of the Mozilla Firefox app for iPad?

Beta versions are usually launched because of one reason, which is testing. This version will help the developers see what’s missing and how users accept the app. But, what you need to know is that Apple is different when it comes to the Beta versions of apps. Unfortunately they don’t put Beta versions on the store. That means that not all of us can download and try the Mozilla Firefox for iPad – Beta version. But Mozilla decided to pick random users who will apply to get the downloadable link and install the application. What no one knows is the method about choosing the Firefox for iPad testers. But, if you are interested, you can apply and luckily get selected.

The app will be great and it will make your iPad a much better device. One of the best features that users look forward to is the Firefox Sync. It is an option that gives you the possibility to synchronize all of your devices with bookmarks and login details to websites. That will make your whole browsing process much easier and more pleasurable. I think we all had enough of all those restrictions about engines. It is finally time to be able to browse decently, like normal people do. At the beginning, Apple didn’t care so much about this problem. They thought they can solve it with any kind of browser. But it didn’t, unfortunately. Customers are requesting it more and more every day. It finally got official when one of the developers Johnathan Nightingale said that they are working on a Mozilla for iPad/ iOS project. The announcement was made in the first few days after they started working on it. He confirmed, but never shared details about the browser. It is still a mystery what the final Firefox product will look like.

What is going to happen to the other browsers?

When the Firefox for iPad product can officially be used, some of the browsing apps may end up their services. Although it is not official yet, but everyone knows that Firefox is the best browser any device can have. We just hope that Mozilla will not let us down with their new browser. Everyone expects for a fully – featured browser.

Firefox developers are aware of how impatient the users are, so they created something for them. Everyone can see where they are with the development process. All you have to do is visit Mozilla’s official page and do a few things. You will find a code there which needs to be downloaded. Do that and load the application on your device. This will give you a clear view of the development process, but that is all. What you see there is nothing final. There will be lots of changes until the final program is being launched.

Even though some researchers claim that Mozilla’s Firefox is not as popular as it was, it is a fact that Firefox is the most used web browser. A few years ago Mozilla didn’t want to develop a program for iOS users and devices, but it seems that they care about their customers. That is the major reason that made them change their minds and come to an agreement with Apple. They discussed and realized how important it is to bring Firefox for iOS users. Apple is still limited, so Mozilla will have to follow some rules in order to be able to launch the product and post it on the Apple store. Only the time will tell.

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