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Free Download of Mozilla Firefox for iPad

Apple iPad is clearly the most popular tablet in the market and accordingly, it provides its fans with the widest set of applications ranging from entertainment and news to video and games. However, the issue of website browsers available on iPad and iPhone has always been a thorny one, especially with Firefox for iPad. The official and default web surfing software on the device happens to be Safari and to a large extent, it can fulfill the ordinary needs. Another browser is Opera but that too has its own limitations. However, there are certain applications that users are not able to use on the device, most importantly Flash content. For this reason, there arises the need of other solutions that can provide people with this facility. Google Chrome for these machines also has its own restrictions.

Mozilla Firefox, along with Chrome, is one of the most popular browsers with a wide range of addons and extensive capabilities. However, due to the restrictions of Apple on its store, Mozilla has not been able to release the iPad and iPhone edition of its website surfing software. The same restrictions have been faced by other free web browsers such as Google Chrome. But there is no need to worry because, although the official edition with full capabilities is not available, there is another edition of the website browser with a similar, although limited, set of applications.

VirtualBrowser: Firefox for iPad

Currently, Firefox for iPad is available for the Apple devices, or idevices, in the form of a virtual experience. This software is called VirtualBrowser and has been doing quite well on mobile devices. The VirtualBrowser or Firefox for iPad was recently launched by Xform Computing and it feels very similar to the desktop version of the website browser, albeit with reduced features. The application has gone through the stages of designing and developing and is now available for the customer of these devices from iTunes Store from where it can be downloaded.

Advantages of Firefox for iPad

There are several advantages that Firefox for iPad brings to your devices since it has specifically been designed to provide you with features of websites that are otherwise not available on the iPad and iPhone. List of features considered important includes the service of Adobe as well as support for various other top Java applications and web surfing extensions. So finally, with the launch of this remarkable website browser, time has come for the users of Apple tablet to upgrade their experience and freely enjoy thousands of interactive websites and applications. With this application, you can now play as many interactive games as you like and from as many resources as you prefer.

Other than the Flash, another important problem on iPad was the unavailability of Java applications. Java is one of the most important and critical requirements for viewing and using interactive content from hundreds of websites over the internet. Not only the entertainment websites but a wide range of educational sites also make extensive use of Java which means that if you cannot use Java on your device, you will not be able to run the content from these websites. An example of such as website is This is one of the most popular education web-site over the internet and it almost solely runs because of Java. Previously there was no native support for Java on iOS.

Mechanism of Firefox for iPad

Hence it seems that times have been changing for iPad fans with the launch of Firefox for iPad which will considerably add to the capabilities. Other than the mentioned flash and Java capabilities, there are various other potential features and add-ons that can you can benefit from while being online. VirtualBrowser has been built on Xform’s AlwaysOnPC cloud app Streaming Platform and it uses a bit indirect mechanism to bring Firefox for iPad on your computer screen. What this means is that running the app on your device, it is actually running virtually in Xform’s Virtual Cloud hosting centers. The whole thing, this means, is a virtual reality.

Regardless of the mechanism and source which Firefox for iPad uses, it provides the kind of awesome features that both home and professional people had been waiting for. You don’t need to search any other applications that can help you use the Flash, Java and other media content on your device. All this will now be at the distance of a single touch on your screen. The overall outlook and design of the browsing app of Firefox for iPad is very similar to the standard edition of the software and you don’t feel any large difference when you view it on small screen. Eventually, more changes will be brought, including other useful social networking features related to Facebook and twitter, and the capabilities will further improve.

The new Firefox for iPad web surfing software, or VirtualBrowser as it is being called, also has support for HTML, Joomla, CSS and various other important factors for developers. The experience of using this remarkable software is just like remotely accessing a device form within your device. Firefox for iPad has been doing pretty well so far and it is not slow either, otherwise that problem is faced by most of the newly launched web solutions. But Firefox for iPad seems to be quite successful on all scores. Perhaps the most important thing for individuals as well as startups is that they have access to a wide range of Firefox extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, themes and similar goodies.

Two Versions of Firefox for iPad

A thing to remember is that there are two versions of Firefox for iPad. One of them is available free for download while the other one has to be purchased. Obviously, the purchased version also contains additional features compared to the free one, although the free is not bad at all for average use, whether you are a simple user or a software builder. Additional features on the premium Firefox for iPad are various options to save the browsing data and unlimited JAVA capabilities. But whether you use the free version of the premium version, Firefox for iPad has certainly opened up new doors of amazing browsing capabilities for the fans of iPad. It is expected that the Firefox website surfing software will turn out to be highly successful among the home as well as office users.

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